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Let's start your therapy Journey

Therapy with an experienced Therapist is a worthwhile investment. However, I acknowledge it can feel  expensive especially if you are self-funding.  As such I offer a 40 mins Initial Consultation session for less than 50% the cost of therapy sessions for you to ensure you're making the right choice for your time and money investment. 

The consultation session is a real session and not just a " taster session". You will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and I will complete a  brief assessment of your difficulties and provide you with a potential treatment plan.  I believe it is necessary to ensure you and your therapist are a good fit. There is no obligation to book further sessions if you felt we weren't a good fit and I will signpost you to other therapists or modalities where necessary.  

Please be aware that this offer is only for the initial session and takes place online. Ongoing sessions cost £90 remotely and £100 face to face . 

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