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Life Coaching 

Why Coaching? 

Just as we would with our fitness goals, our personal and spiritual growth goals require the same investments. Coaches are not just for the gym, but for life too!

As a coach I can help guide you as you navigate transitions in any area of your life. drawing from my own experience and professional training.


I am very passionate about coaching all people who desire to soar higher in their professional lives without sacrificing their personal lives or spiritual growth.

I desire to see the best not just in people but coming out of people. My approach to coaching can be best described as “truthing gracefully”.


I will hold up a mirror to show you aspects of yourself that may need to change in order for you to meet your personal, professional or spiritual growth. However, this truth will be communicated with kindness and appropriate to your capacity and stage in our coaching.

But how is Life coaching different to Therapy?


When comparing life coaching to therapy, here are some key differences:

  • Life coaches serve as guides through various aspects of your life.

  • Coaching is focused on personal growth and development.

  • Coaching focuses on achieving goals, behaviour changes, shifting perspectives, and overall self-improvement.

  • Coaches can help you improve your physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual wellness although coaching is not mental health treatment or clinical care.

Coaching Packages 


At a cost of £360 per package, all packages include 3 one to one sessions lasting an hour spread out across 8-12 weeks based on your preference. After each session you will be provided with bespoke materials to help you action steps from the session and bring your goals to reality. If you have a specific goal and require a single coaching session you can purchase a single coaching session for £125. Sessions take place remotely on video platforms including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Together we can do this.  


  • Banishing Imposter Syndrome 

  • Breaking the Cycle of Procrastination 

  • Personal Values Discovery and Refinement

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