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our mission

The mission of Christian therapy hub is to provide evidence based professional therapy by trained Christian therapists  in line with Christian faith, values and principles.


Christians have a mental health too and it can at times be ill, many giants of faith such as Job and David have their emotional struggles documented!


Christians should not have to divorce from their faith as they seek help for life’s issues including mental health. However, we should not have to compromise on the quality of therapy!

*Christian therapy hub is non-discriminatory; everyone is welcome to seek therapy through Christian therapy hub although therapy provided through Christian therapy hub will not deviate from the aforementioned aim.

Clinical Director & Senior Therapist 

I am an accredited cognitive behavioural psychotherapist with over 10 years’ extensive experience of working in a wide range of clinical settings in both the public and private sectors in the UK. I have not only worked as a therapist; but have also held positions of Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Lead.  Since leaving these roles in 2020, I transitioned into university lecturing and working as an assistant professor of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy alongside. I am now fulltime running two clinical private practices, Christian Therapy Hub and CBT Therapies Hub as well as the Christian ministry God has entrusted me to steward. Somewhere in there completing my doctoral research!

Christina Gore

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“Thank you for your kind words, understanding and insight. You have helped me greatly both times I have seen you and I really cannot thank you enough”

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